Where and how to use Encaustic cement tiles

We keep seeing more and more Encaustic cement tiles , and it is not surprising since apart from being able to manufacture our own designs, there is an endless list of colors and combinations.

* You love the Victorian tiles ...
* Finally you have a place where you caninstall the floor or mural of your dreams! ...
* And now: DO CAN'T DECIDE!

This happens extremely often with our clients, it is overwhelming to see all the options. Even clients who come with a clear and decisive design in mind, once the moment of truth arrives, they are indecisive when they actually see all the options.

And if it's too loaded?
What if it does not go with my rustic style?
We are going to see some examples of our clients who have managed to mix perfectly uses and environments when choosing the floor.

Let's start with this space in a spectacular restaurant.

The simple design was designed by the client, and with that same mold he has played with alternating tones for the different areas of the restaurant, and as you can see... it looks amazing!

In this particular example, he has combined some very rustic and basic components such as stone and wood with modern furniture and ceilings.

 The style has been polished with furniture with a basic, natural look, a Scandinavian touch and the Encaustic cement tiles.,Although it is a very antique design, it's been modernized with this new look. 

The next group of photos is of several clients, Here we continue with the rural combination always with the basic elements of wood.

They have turned boring spaces into magical corners with their touch of color. some more daring than others but all beautiful and fun for everyday use.

Who would not want to shower in this original and spectacular bathroom?

Because they're so resistant and naturally dried, the cement tiles are suitable for kitchens and even bars. 

¡Even stages!

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