Encaustic cement tiles villa

Want to see our cement tiles live and kicking??
¡Book a weekend at this luxury Villa!In this Villa near Cala Saona in Formentera you can see them for yourself in this luxury villa rented out as a holiday home. They've installed our Victorian hearth tiles to create this arabic-mediterranean lustrous space. 

¡I can ceertainly imagine spending a day in that bathroom! The floor is a combination of 3 plain mono-colour tiles that harmonize with the vare daring colours on the walls around them.

And the bedrooms don't fall short! This bedroom has used our pattern REF:004 to make a diagonal check-board in neutral colours.

This encaustic cement tile pattern in dark red and navy maintains a perfect harmony in this arabesque bathroom with our Ref:076.

Each room is a different space, always adapting a basic style with different combinations

This time they've used our Ref:050.
The villa has quite a few colours in different environments, but the neutrality of the floors and furniture appease to create a relaxed ambient.

Each little corner has been perfectly planned out.
Hipnotizing hall way!

There's a bathroom for all tastes!

We continue with Ref:050 in black and white.

We return to Ref:004, this time playing arount with the orientation to create different patterns.

And... We pop out to a Tex-Mex exterior! The encaustic tiles combine with all sorts of other materials.

Here we can see a combination of our Zellige or Bejamt collection, in different colours and a mixture of glazed and un-glazed tiles.

The Zellige or Bejmat is a baked clay, it has a very natural aspect and can be glazed in different colours or left as natural clay. In this picture we have a few tiles glazen in green and blue, and other un-glazed tiles with the natural clay colour. 

Just like Encaustic cement tiles this type of tile can be used indoors or outdoors.

Who wants to cook while on holidays? With a kitchen like this you will! 

This floor is again, a mix of mono-colour simple plain tiles in different colours.

Stairway to heaven...

A luxury holiday home!
This time with our classic Ref:000

And for the little ones...

For realaxing gatherings at sunset

Here we have Ref:039

And this is my favourite!

With the beautifully combined classic Ref:035

Daring bright colours on the wall have made this room a sigular and cheery place.

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